Building renovation

Building renovation

Presidential Decree 380/2001 letter d) regulates building renovation interventions. The decree defines which works can be done and summarizes what they are as follows:

The interventions aimed at transforming the building organisms through a systematic set of works that can lead to a building organism in whole or in part different from the previous one.

The building renovation includes:

  • Restoration or replacement of some constituent elements of the building.
  • Elimination, modification and insertion of new elements and systems.
  • As part of the building restructuring interventions are also included those consisting of demolition and reconstruction with the same volume and shape as the pre-existing one, except for the innovations necessary for the adaptation to the anti-seismic legislation.
  • They are complete overhaul works of the existing building also with variations in shape, shape, volume, surface and also intended use. The consistency of the building may also vary, and therefore, a new stacking of the surfaces may be required.
  • Building restructuring interventions are also the demolition and integral reconstruction works (“with the same volume and shape as the pre-existing one” – art. 3 d) of the Consolidated Building Act DPR 380/2001 as amended by Legislative Decree 301/2002) or, in any case, the works that lead to the construction of a property that is totally or partially different from the original.

We realize that the works described here can have a strong impact on the territory and, therefore, the most complex authorization to obtain, the Building Permit, is required.

However, if the works have already been approved in a Detailed Plan, then it is also possible to proceed with the Certified Notification of Commencement of Activities (SCIA).

The public administration has recently granted permission to apply for some of these works with a provision similar to the SCIA but with wider powers, the so-called Scio as an alternative to the building permit. The Municipality of TivoliRome, the other municipalities and the Lazio Region can, however, according to their competencies, customize the requests for authorizations.

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