Construction works on Rope

Construction works on Rope

In-country, we are talking more and more often about the possibility of assigning construction works to companies able to intervene by employing rope access operators.

This perspective is indeed characterized by important strengths, and in other European countries, it is now a very consolidated reality.

Table of contents

  • What distinguishes “rope” construction
  • Rope construction and safety
  • Construction work on a rope: why they deserve to be preferred
  • What interventions can the worker perform on the rope

What distinguishes “rope” construction

This operational approach is often referred to as acrobatic, a term which however may not be understood appropriately. The professionals of these companies do not perform “stunts”, nor their goal is to entertain, they simply carry out construction works of many different types using techniques that are profoundly different from traditional ones.

As mentioned, in fact, in this type of intervention the rope is the “protagonist” element. It is precisely by using the same that the operators have the opportunity to move vertically on the facades of the building to carry out their work even at several meters away from the ground.

Surely the professionals who work in this way must have specific skills, in addition to all the know-how that must distinguish the construction worker. It would be unthinkable, for example, that these construction work on ropes are carried out by people suffering from vertigo. At the same time, a good level of technical-physical preparation is certainly necessary.

Rope construction and safety

Respect for safety is essential, and the possibility that falls or other injuries may occur must always be excluded.

Many have wondered if this particular branch of construction could represent a risk for operators. However, professional companies take all necessary measures to avoid any type of accident. On the other hand, it is always an obligation on the employer to offer its employees all the tools necessary to operate safely. Consequently, the entrepreneur would be the first responsible, also from a criminal point of view, for accidents due to the fact of not having trained and informed his workers. It must also provide all the devices useful for personal protection PPE.

In other European countries, such as in Sweden and Germany, there are regulations that specifically regulate construction works carried out in this way. It would be good if ad hoc provisions were also introduced in our country.

Construction work on rope: why they deserve to be preferred

But what is the concrete usefulness of building works carried out on ropes?

As previously said, these interventions are certainly not performed in this way to entertain or to be more suggestive. They are spreading more and more as they can offer many advantages to both the construction company and the client. The main strength corresponds to the fact that the works can be carried out without having to build scaffolding and similar structures, much less using lifting platforms.

Overall, therefore, the work becomes much more efficient, and this translates into lower costs.  The positive implications in terms of eco-sustainability should not be overlooked either. Before starting work, it is advisable to always have a bill of quantities made.

Since, as mentioned, this type of building does not require the construction of scaffolding and similar structures, it is also to be considered preferable on a purely aesthetic level.  In fact, the facade of the building is not covered during the construction of the works.

What interventions can the worker perform on the rope

If we ask ourselves what needs this type of building can meet, there are many possible answers: we will immediately mention some examples.

A condominium may require an acrobatic construction service to paint the facade of the building. Other work can be done to apply pigeon nets to keep away these widespread birds that can transmit diseases to humans.

A private individual could use these services to renovate the balcony of their apartment. On the Casa Facile portal, available at, it is possible to identify many interesting ideas for interventions of this type.

Rope operators can also be called into question for operations that are not properly part of the construction world, therefore for purely maintenance interventions or for washing windows.

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