Humanized marketing: what it is and how to implement it


Know what humanized marketing is, how to implement it and which companies are already doing it successfully

Many companies that seek to optimize their results and delight their customers choose to invest in humanized marketing. This action aims to get closer to users, establishing a special connection between the brand and its consumers.

As a result, we will have greater engagement with the company, as well as its popularity.

Keep reading our post and find out what humanized marketing is, how to implement it and which companies are already using this action to leverage their results!

What is humanized marketing?

Humanized marketing, as the name suggests, is one that seeks to humanize processes and establish a connection with users. This type of marketing began to become a trend when brands sought to increase the humanization process within their processes, which was strengthened through Digital Marketing.

This happened mainly as a reflection of what people look for and want to find in a company. Today, consumers don’t just want to consume, they want to have a good experience throughout the purchase process.

For this to be possible, companies must invest heavily in creating a relationship with the consumer during all stages of the sales funnel, providing content and focusing on the needs of future customers.

It is noteworthy that there is not only one way to implement this action, each company can do it their way, without following any ready-made formula. According to Liliane Ferrari, humanized marketing must follow three pillars: emotion, empathy, and ethics. Therefore, it is important to adapt your processes to reach these points.

Why should your company have humanized communication?

Often, within the company’s internal processes, we forget that the customer is not just a number or contract, but a person, with feelings and desires. Consequently, we do a  partial service, not focusing on creating a connection with him and actually helping him to solve his problem.

We offer an automatic process, with a previous script and without real human interactions, always using the same repeated phrases that the client already knows by heart; or even we invest heavily in technology and use chatbots to attend, reserving an attendant only for urgent cases.

But according to a survey conducted by Retail Dive, 70% of consumers want human interaction rather than robotics. Among them, 48% claim that the reason for this preference is because robots or automated attendants are unable to understand and actually help in their difficulties.

Through these data we can conclude that, despite the evolution of technology, customers still seek human assistance and value companies that invest in it. According to the same survey mentioned above, 61% of customers say that receiving personalized service, whether by email, chat or social media is important to them.

humanized marketing

How to implement humanized marketing?

There is not only one way to implement humanized marketing in your company. You must follow the three pillars mentioned above and adapt your actions to conquer and build relationships with your audience. But, to help in this process, we have separated 3 practices that can be useful:

1. Invest in storytelling!

Storytelling is a great way to humanize your brand, after all, it consists of an engaging narrative with words and visuals. You can record videos showing how your products are produced, interviewing employees, telling the company’s story or just showing everyday images.

This type of material makes the user feel closer to the company as if he were a friend and a confidant. So tell a story that inspires people and provokes emotions. It will definitely bring results!

2. Engage your audience

Social media have completely changed the way to bond with your customers, facilitating content and interaction with the general public sharing.

Pay attention to what people are saying about your brand and, if possible, respond to comments and suggestions in a targeted way. On Instagram, for example, don’t just like someone’s comment on your post – respond by mentioning that person’s at the sign. Small gestures make all the difference!

Many companies use their own comments from their publications to interact with their followers, both to clarify doubts and just to talk in a lighter and more human way, showing that they care.

And don’t think that only small businesses do this! World famous brands such as Netflix, Burger King and Pepsi have already become known for interacting with their customers in a relaxed way.

There’s nothing nicer than commenting on a publication and the company replicating it for you, isn’t it?

3. Change company values

It is useless to preach the humanization of the brand if this is lacking within the company. Seek, as a leader, to be connected with your employees, know how they are doing and, of course, interact with them. Create a pleasant working environment, motivate your team and be there.

It is essential that humanized marketing starts from the inside out, adapting the organization’s values ​​and practices.

Some examples of humanized marketing

Some brands are already famous in Brazil for the method they interact with their customers and users, standing out in the market and on social media.

According to UOL, Netflix is ​​the company that most engaged with its fans on Instagram, while on Facebook the highlight goes to Hotel Urbano. Netflix answers several of its users, always with good humor and debauchery. Hotel Urbano, on the other hand, encourages its users to travel and solves the doubts of its customers.

Also, we can’t fail to mention Nubank, which already presented a client that the dog had eaten her card and another that her grandmother had thrown her card in the trash. The company itself has published some cases on its blog, showing that it cares and pays attention to its customers.

But don’t think that to be a standout you need to send gifts!

Mercado Livre, for example, changed its logo during the Coronavirus period to encourage social distance, showing that it cares about the well-being of its users and followers.

Ambev posted a video showing how to produce masks made with PET plastic, which can be reproduced by anyone with a laser cutting machine.

These small measures make the customer feel heard and special, which we all want to be. Now that you know how to implement humanized marketing in your company, how about doing your part and helping to build a better world?

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