Industrial doors

Industrial doors

industrial rolling doors

Modern logistics that are increasingly demanding and attentive to details requires industrial doors for versatile and high-performance warehouses. Traditional doors are gradually giving way to fast and resistant locking systems at the same time: rapid roll-up doors.

Industrial rolling doors are composed of a U-shaped steel structure that contains a PVC sheet of variable thickness or equipped with transparent sectors for the passage of light. When opening, the tarpaulin is quickly raised vertically, rewound by a roller placed on the top. A button or a photocell is enough to operate the door, without pushing hard as in front of a folding door.

Installing them in your warehouse, at the exits or in the passages between departments can really make a difference, bringing significant advantages to the logistics sector. Here’s what they are and why.

Table of contents

  • Roll-up doors: speed first of all
  • Closures created for intensive cycles
  • One door, a thousand uses
  • Fast wrapping, guaranteed safety
  • A roller shutter model for every sector

Roll-up doors: speed first of all

The lightweight materials and the quick-rolling electric mechanism make rolling doors the ideal solution for performance and speed. The system raises and lowers in a matter of seconds, speeding up the passage between rooms exponentially.

The speed of the doors does not only benefit the movement of goods: the temperature of the department also benefits, with less heat loss from passage and a controlled climate for longer. This means lower heating or cooling costs and more safeguarded goods.

Closures created for intensive cycles

In an optimized warehouse marked by fast-paced work rates, it is not enough for a door to open quickly. It needs to be able to withstand thousands of opening and closing cycles. In this, the industrial roller shutter doors for sheds are extremely flexible. The PVC covering rolls up and stretches even for a million cycles. Perfect to support even very high logistic flows.

The roller shutters are made specifically to reduce maintenance to a minimum. The winding system is completely devoid of balancing springs, eliminating costs and waste of time for checking or replacing the pieces. On the market there are roll-up doors equipped with a self-repairing system that brings the PVC sheet back into the side guides in case of collisions or malfunctions. Closing does not stop even in the absence of voltage. In fact, some installations are also equipped with a counterweight to carry out their work mechanically and without the support of the current.

One door, a thousand uses

The rolling industrial doors are easy to install in any architectural context. In fact, the upper roller does not necessarily require anchoring to the ceiling, allowing the closure to be positioned even in passages without a supporting lintel. The resistance of the materials, solid and stainless, allows you to position the rapid doors both outside and inside. Some systems use the speed of opening and the properties of steel and PVC to separate the shed from the outside, while others choose the lightness of the structure to create an easy-to-pass indoor divider.

Fast wrapping, guaranteed safety

Thanks to the roll-up roller, the layout of PVC roll-up industrial doors revolutionizes the concept of warehouse doors. Unlike folding doors, they do not require any track on the ground, eliminating an inconvenient and potentially dangerous obstacle.
The warehouse vehicles do not jolt during the crossing and pedestrians no longer have the obstacle of the guide to pay attention to. The roll-up door, therefore, facilitates the passage of goods and contributes to increasing the overall safety of the working environment.

Maximized safety even during the delicate phase of crossing. If an employee or forklift occupies the passage at the time of closing, the resistive protective edge at the bottom of the fabric would block the industrial door before contact with the foreign body, preventing accidents and damage to the goods.

A roller shutter model for every sector

The last advantage of roll-up industrial doors is that they come in many models to meet the precise needs of many economic sectors. The entire food sector, for example, needs refrigerated, hygienic spaces with controlled temperatures for the optimal processing and conservation of food. Thanks to the roll-up doors with insulated fabric, the cold rooms and industrial departments maintain the right climate and the best humidity, reducing dispersion during transit and isolating the environment with the door closed.

Heavy industry sectors, large hangars and all factories with large gates have to deal with exceptional measures and strong wind pressure. In this case, PVC folding doors offer the right resistance and very little space. These also repair where huge folding doors would not be functional.

Finally, when companies ask for robust and solid anti-burglary barriers, the roll-up system can also be applied to industrial shutters made of steel or aluminum panels. The closure maintains the high response performance but increases the resistance against break-in attempts.

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