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Industrial Floor

Industrial floor ips

Industrial floor. What do industries need to be able to carry out their work in the best possible way? Obviously most of you are thinking about manufacturing machinery, machinery without which the industry would not have the ability to actually do anything. If the machines are of the new generation, so much the better, not only because they are much more reliable and safe than in the past, but because they allow the automation of many different types of activities, so that the industry has the possibility to speed up production and improve performance, in order to become as competitive as possible over time. All of this is true, but it is also true that machinery and the workforce need a place from which to run the business.

Industries can choose to buy adequate space or to rent it, but in any case they always need to make it suitable for the activity that is to be carried out there. And here the floors also come into play, another element of fundamental importance for industries, another element that they need and that must be calibrated according to their specific needs.

Indeed, an industry certainly cannot be satisfied with just any floor. These are floors that must in fact support immense weights, both because today’s industrial machinery is very heavy, and because real means of transport often have to pass on the industrial floor, and because the foot traffic to which these floors are subject is simply very high. Furthermore, in every industry, materials and substances are used that could damage traditionally molded floors.

The secret of the industrial floor: Hardening materials

Precisely for this reason, every industry needs an industrial floor. Industrial floors provide for the application of a hardening material to the still fresh concrete, in order to make the floor harder and significantly more resistant so that it can withstand wear, the most violent impacts, compression, weight, trampling. without any kind of difficulty. The application of hardeners usually takes place by means of a mechanical trowel.

What are these hardeners? The most widely used material is quartz, be it gray or colored, but it is also possible to use other minerals and it is possible to create ad hoc mixtures for every possible need. Precisely because there are so many hardeners available and precisely because it is possible to create so many different mixtures, it is of fundamental importance to rely on a specialist in the sector who is reliable and professional.

Among the best specialists available in Italy today, we recommend IPS, whose solutions can be consulted directly on the official website This reality specializes in industrial flooring and is a real leader at European level.

It is a reality that has invested intensely in research, with the desire to be able to always find new techniques and always new materials, a reality that has succeeded in this intent and which is also always in continuous transformation and in continuous movement, in order to always be able to guarantee the best to its customers.

Laser Screed technology

It should be remembered that a simply excellent alternative solution was imported from abroad, the Laser Screed technology. For those who have not heard of it, it is a technology that allows a mechanical vibratory spreading of the concrete and that offers laser control of the planarity.

By relying on this reality, you will have the opportunity to obtain the support you need to choose the best industrial floor. A work carried out in an impeccable way, always according to the specific needs of your industry, obviously always according to the regulations in force.

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