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Office lighting

office lighting with led lamps

Office LightingIdeasAdviceRegulations, and Design to find the LED Office Lamps that will offer optimal visual comfort at Work. Correct lighting plays a fundamental role in the psycho-physical well-being of the people who work there. Creating comfortable environments characterized by good visibility in the workplace is one of the first rules to follow to obtain maximum performance from people. An inadequate or incorrectly distributed lighting would end up giving rise to eyestrain, loss of concentration, and physical ailments.

The right office lamp for every environment. In fact, in addition to the functionality of office lamps, in certain contexts it is also essential to use Design solutions. For this reason, it will be up to the Light Designer or Architect to find the compromise that he will marry for the lighting of Design Offices with style suited to the visual comfort of the worker and also to the savings that well-designed LED systems can offer.

Table of contents

  • LED Office Lighting Design
  • LED Office Lamps: Savings Technology
  • Office Lighting: Legislation
  • Office Lighting: Entrance Area and Corridors
  • LED Office Lighting: how to illuminate the Meeting Room
  • Office lighting: the correct light for the workstations

LED Office Lighting Design

What are the precautions to take into consideration when it is necessary to carry out a LED Office Lighting Design to optimize our environments with light?

The workplace where customers are received and at the same time spent many hours a day in front of the computer must be able to guarantee office lighting that offers the right compromise between design and functionality. Only an accurate lighting project by a light designer will be able to perfectly combine style and elegance with a lighting system that can offer a comfortable and safe environment. With the appropriate design, it will be possible to create a system that can respond to all needs.

The visual comfort that LED office lamps will offer if well studied, an increase in productivity as well as well-being for the employee. The right lighting will help to give the place where customers have received a unique and captivating design, making them more inclined to negotiate. Furthermore, an office lighting designed ad Hoc allows to obtain a considerable economic saving both from the energy point of view and in maintenance and replacements.

LED Office Lamps: Savings Technology

Choosing to use LED lamps for office lighting allows you to significantly reduce consumption and maintenance costs.

The Office LED Chandeliers to work exploit the characteristics of particular semiconductor diodes, which are not driven by a gas or a filament but by an electric circuit. From the photons emitted, a light beam comes out that can have the same intensity as that emitted by a Neon Office Lamp, but with an energy-saving that in some cases even reaches 80%.

To make the savings that LED technology offers in-office lighting even more marked, there are also lower maintenance costs. The lamps Neon for traditional office has an average life of 10,000 / 20,000 hours, while lamps, luminaires and lamps for LED Office can also reach 100,000 hours. To achieve such important results, however, it is not enough to rely on a LED lighting system, but it is necessary to focus on quality LED lamps. Only the use of selected raw materials and careful and accurate processing can in fact guarantee such high standards.

Opting for high-performance solutions therefore Luminous Efficiency, Duration and quality of lighting (and which obviously comply with the legislation) will allow you to have a very rapid return on investment on the purchase of LED Office Lights.

To save also for the supply of devices without sacrificing quality, it is advisable to contact Italian Manufacturing Companies that offer long guarantees for their Production and Sale of LED Lamps for Office Lighting.

Office Lighting: Legislation

The UNI EN 12464-1, which sets the rules for the ‘ Offices Light, has as its objective the protection and preservation of the health of occupants. The parameters to be controlled for an Office Lighting system are:

  • luminance distribution;
  • glare (UGR);
  • illuminances;
  • natural light control;
  • uniformity;
  • flickering;
  • color rendering;
  • color temperature.

Only a correct evaluation of all these elements carried out by a Light Designer can help to guarantee Human Centric Lighting, i.e. all those positive effects that light and lighting have on people’s health, well-being, and activity.

In fact, the legislation on office lighting and work environments, in general, has as its main objective precisely that of guaranteeing all those short and long-term benefits that proper Office Lighting must be able to guarantee. There is no standard design that can be adapted as each room has different characteristics that affect the project as variables.

Office Lighting: Entrance Area and Corridors

The entrance is the business card of every company, as it is the environment that customers will first notice. Creating the right compromise between design and functionality in this area is therefore very important, as is the lighting of corridors that lead to the various office environments. An excellent solution for Office Lighting in the entrance area could be achieved with elegant LED wall lights, expertly distributed on the walls in such a way as to create uniform lighting and give the entrance a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Both in the entrance, especially if there is a receptionist, and in the corridors, an interesting and impressive alternative is the installation of recessed LED spotlights in the false ceiling.

If there are paintings on the walls or attested to the placement of adjustable LED spotlights, both recessed in the false ceiling and exposed, they will serve to highlight the particular beauty of the paintings or the prestigious awards in the atrium or along the corridors of the offices.

LED Office Lighting: how to illuminate the Meeting Room

The room is intended for conferences, meetings and business meetings, the meeting room represents for every company one of the most important places. Precisely for this reason, the choice of lamps to be used in these areas deserves special attention. Only an accurate design can offer extremely functional and design LED office lighting for the meeting room. Regardless of its size, the meeting room usually houses a large table, many office chairs and large screens that are used to show projects or images of various kinds.

Ceiling light

An office LED ceiling light placed above the table could be the perfect choice to give the environment the correct lighting that allows all meeting participants to have perfect visibility. An optimal solution could include the use of dimmable ceiling lights, that is, capable of reducing the emission of the light beam when the maxi screen is in operation.

Suspension Lamp

As an alternative to the Office Ceiling Lamp, it is possible to opt for Suspension Lamps which, positioned above the meeting table, will concentrate their brightness on a limited surface. The LED Office Suspension Lamps are particularly suitable when we want to combine design with simple functionality as happens in the meeting room where you have the most prestigious furniture.

Spotlights or Led Bars?

Even spotlights recessed in the false ceiling could be an excellent solution for integrating the lighting of the meeting room. In this case it is important to design light points distributed evenly in order not to create unsightly shaded areas. If there is a non-standard false ceiling such as the classic 60 × 60 cm in which LED panels are used, but you have an elaborated false ceiling that has a recess right above the main table, it is possible to take advantage of dimmable high brightness LED bars that allow both to donate high quantities of light to the environment, which to create atmosphere or adequate lighting during the projections. It must be said that usually when using the LED bars tend to integrate some spotlights in strategic points such as where it was decided to place a plant in the meeting room or even why not a vertical green wall.

Office lighting: the correct light for the workstations

Workstations are the crux of every company. This is where the main daily activities take place. And it is in particular in these environments that a correct LED Office Lighting must perfectly respond to all those parameters required by the Regulations. For this reason, it is important to choose lighting elements that offer maximum visual comfort, preventing glare and flickering, as well as guaranteeing compliance with all the other values ​​indicated in the standard in question.

One of the most popular solutions in workstations in these areas involves the installation of LED Office Ceiling Lights, in a variable number according to the size of the room and the visual task. By opting for this solution we will have a uniform distribution of light in the room, which can possibly be integrated with the presence of recessed LEDs. The advantage is to have a beam of light concentrated on those areas where there is a need for additional Office Lighting.

Another type of additional Office Light is the one in the workstations. The placement of LED bars positioned, for example, under the work surface, or behind the PC screen, will ensure greater visual comfort for the operator’s thanks to the lower contrast between the images on the screen and the environment.

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