Painting Interior Stairs

Painting Interior Stairs

painting interior stairs

Why is there a need to paint the interior stairs? Let’s say that if you have just made and built a staircase for your home it is difficult that you will feel the need to paint this structure.

In reality, painting for interior stairs is a way to give personality to a space that would otherwise remain somewhat anonymous. A simple color can make the scale and the space around it stand out more.

But how to choose the most suitable color or colors, and how to customize the staircase with particular techniques? Let’s find out together!

Painting Interior Stairs: Let’s start with the Color

First of all, we must of course think about the color of the scale. We can decide to apply a shade very similar to that of the rest of the walls, or to dare with a totally different color.

For example, if we have a white room you can choose to color the staircase with a shade of beige or ivory, otherwise risk choosing a different shade such as pink or blue.

If, on the other hand, we want to paint the staircase with two different colors, we can use a lighter shade for the steps and a darker shade for the supporting structure. If you want to customize the staircase, even more, you can decide to alternate the steps using two different colors but of the same shade.

The important thing is that there is a coherence of style; this means that if we have walls of a warm color we must choose warm shades for the scale (red, yellow, brown, orange, pink for example); vice versa for cold shades.

Not only Colors, also Painting Techniques

In addition to the color, you need to think about the painting technique to be applied. If you want an even more surprising effect to paint the interior stairs, you just have to choose one of the many techniques to paint.

Sponged painting, glazing, Venetian plaster, scratched or striped painting, spatula and much more to choose from. The ideal is to use the same technique applied to the walls of the room!


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