Quickly Renovate

Quickly Renovate

quickly renovate

A pump to suck up the debris and one to cast the screed, on which the floors will be laid, reduce the time required for quick renovations to half a day. If instead performed in the traditional way, the same processes would take several days. For the interventions on the façade and on the roof, there are acrobatic construction professionals …

Fast suction of debris from the demolition


When renovating quickly, traditional debris disposal, especially on upper floors, is a dusty and tedious job, even for adjacent units.

The removal of debris produced on-site can be carried out by means of a mobile suction system called a “suction excavator”. It is a turbine suction system mounted on a truck. Thanks to a flexible hose that can be operated by one person, it can collect:

  • powders;
  • solid debris (up to Ø 250 mm);
  • liquids and powders up to a linear distance of 150 meters and a height of 35 meters, and then convey them to landfills.

Screed pumped quickly


Fluid screeds transported by concrete mixers equipped with a pumping system are used to quickly cover large surfaces. Alternatively, there is the powder product. This is delivered to the construction site in a silo and mixed with water on-site by means of special machines that also pump. Fluid mixing and density must be constant throughout the duration of the work. The mouth of the delivery tube is equipped with manual control that allows the operator to suspend the jet for a few minutes, if necessary.

A second person manually “vibrates” the casting with a straightedge and checks that the upper level corresponds to the levels previously set in the area to be covered. For a medium-sized apartment, casting is done in a few hours. The surface can be walked on the next day. On the website www.rifarecasa.com other valid tips for quickly renovating your home without dust and trauma.

Quickly renovate with Acrobatic Construction


The possibility of having building interventions carried out at height. with rope. With this technique, you can redo facades and roofs, renovate balconies, front panels, etc. Carried out by personnel who work harnessed with a double safety rope, the system offers numerous advantages:

  • costly and bulky scaffolding and platforms that can facilitate intrusions are avoided;
  • execution times are reduced without limiting the activities of the occupants;
  • specialized operators can easily reach areas inaccessible with traditional systems;

The companies that provide this service have all the necessary certifications to operate in maximum safety and to provide high-quality services.

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