Sectional door

Sectional door

balanced sectional door with springs

The industrial sectional door is the ideal choice for warehouse closures or for warehouse and hangar doors of companies and businesses belonging to every economic sector. The sectional solutions are suitable for both external and internal use, therefore both as robust closing shutters for warehouses and as fire doors or for special processes.

The material used in the production phase differs from that of traditional warehouse doors, as is also distinguished by the thickness, the way of construction and the opening. The opening of this type of industrial door is characterized by the vertical opening: the advantage is the space-saving which is obtained immediately behind the door.

Often the operation is concealed, i.e. obtaining a final position parallel to the ceiling. On the basis of the needs, it is possible to integrate these solutions with insulated doors which obtain greater thermo-acoustic insulation required by particular warehouses and production departments.

By virtue of the door that stacks vertically behind the lintel, sectional doors are an excellent solution for warehouses with glass roofs and facades or with skylights.

Differences and advantages compared to folding doors for sheds

The sectional doors are different from the folding doors in several respects, first of all the weight. The weight of the folding doors is much greater: the structure is solid and made of steel, aluminum and other similar materials that usually slide on the ground on ground guides. Visit the Campisa website to know all the differences.

For pedestrian passages and driveways openings, more agile and faster sectional openings that slide on a system of steel or aluminum slats are required. For this reason, folding doors are used purely for external purposes, while the industrial sectional doors or the rapid roll-up doors discussed in this article are used both for internal openings and as an external closing solution. The sectional doors motorized by a hydraulic lifting also allow a considerable advantage: they are maintenance-free and therefore do not require maintenance periodicity but a simple inspection.

A great resource is a space that sectional doors are able to guarantee: thanks to the vertical opening they manage not to occupy any additional space, unlike folding doors which, despite sliding on ground guides, require that they be packed immediately close to the door. of the door itself, losing precious meters.

Applications of sectional doors in warehouse logistics

The application of sectional doors is manifold: great use is dedicated to loading bays. Both the spring balanced version and the motorized version are required to accompany the frequent loading and unloading activities of companies and industries.

Companies that require a limited passage of air from one room to another also request these particular sectional openings: this is achieved by special gaskets with a seal guarantee. A warehouse with problems related to space will need not to lose precious meters due to the installation of a traditional door: it will therefore opt for a sectional door that uses the functional and vertical opening that ends in a position parallel to the ceiling.

Industrial sectional doors can be customized with numerous accessories that facilitate their use or reduce their risks. The portholes are mounted at eye level for the control of external presence, the bollards protect from the impacts of the trolleys in transit, the numbers facilitate the identification of the loading bays for orderly management of internal traffic.

The automation of sectional doors is essential for warehouses to which vehicles have continuous access which, without the need to stop, require activating the mechanism with special opening remote controls. In this respect, the access of users on foot is also facilitated, who will use the automation of photoelectric cells and magnetic spirals.

When to choose a sectional door for the warehouse?

Given the characteristics and advantages, choosing the best sectional doors becomes a crucial operation. So my advice is to rely directly on the producers.

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