Selling an apartment

Selling an apartment

How to sell an apartment online

For those who want to sell an apartment, their own home in complete autonomy, the Internet represents a great opportunity. Many online portals give you the opportunity to place ads, even for free, to sell your apartment. Not going to a real estate agency can save you a lot of money, but it’s important to do things right.

The announcement to sell an apartment online must be prepared very carefully. The more details you enter the more it will attract the user’s attention. Everything must be clear and detailed, with well-crafted images that enhance the property for sale in its best qualities.

The completeness of the arguments transmits trust and prepares the user to purchase, thus allowing you to start a sales negotiation from an advantageous position.

Table of contents

  • How to Sell an Apartment Online: The Importance of Photographs?
  • Sale Apartment: Everything in order with the documents?
  • What to write in the description in the apartment sales announcements
  • The importance of the location area
  • At what price do I sell the apartment?

How to Sell an Apartment Online: The Importance of Photographs?

The photographs for the advertisement of an apartment for sale must mainly relate to well-lit rooms. A building where a lot of light penetrates will attract the user’s attention and it is above all the first photograph that is decisive. To make the images, choose a time of day when there is a lot of natural light. Today even with just a smartphone it is possible to create excellent photographic images, but if possible use a good camera. Also, always choose a perspective that makes the rooms large and spacious, another very important feature that catches the user’s attention.

If the online portal on which you place the ad for the sale of your apartment allows it, add a nice video as well. Try to show the succession of environments by choosing those that are the best areas of the house. Pay attention once again to the light. Very often, in fact, the videos made with the smartphone can be lacking in terms of brightness.

Among the images of the announcement for the sale of the apartment also insert a floor plan of the property. The user will have the impression that he is dealing with a professional advertisement and this will positively prepare him, prompting him to ask for further information. If you do not have the cadastral plan, I recommend this site for the very economical request

Online cadaster plan

Sale Apartment: Everything in order with the documents?

If you find any differences between the cadastral plan and the actual state of the property, contact a surveyor for the cadastral change. Enhance the online advertisement for the sale of your apartment with all possible information regarding energy certifications. If you have carried out renovations that involve savings in energy consumption, put the matter clearly. A property that saves on the cost of bills enjoys an important added value.

Remember to have a Surveyor do the Energy Certificate required by law before the publication of the ad.

What to write in the description in the apartment sales announcements

List the main reasons why buying your apartment is a bargain. Highlight the possible presence of autonomous heating, an anti-theft system, obviously the accessory equipment of a parking space or an automatic gate. If the bathroom of your apartment is equipped with a whirlpool tub or other accessories that improve the well-being of the person, report it without delay. The same applies to any cabling with optical fiber or the presence of a newly renovated electrical system.

If your apartment has undergone a complete renovation of the rooms, carefully list all the works carried out. Also waste some time detailing the materials used, highlighting the most valuable ones. Those who intend to buy an apartment often take into account the expenses necessary for the renovation. Knowing that an apartment has already been renovated increases its value considerably.

The importance of the location area

Selling an apartment is easier if there are essential or particularly useful services nearby. Therefore, insert in your ad the presence of subway stops, a public garden, schools, and supermarkets. Do not forget to point out the possible proximity to public bodies and municipal offices.

Enter the area where the apartment is located. It is understandable that privacy issues can arise, but it is not necessary to enter the address, house number or other private data. Consider the fact that very often users filter the search for a property for sale based on the area they prefer.

At what price do I sell the apartment?

For the market price, I recommend that you rely on the revenue agency website that reports the market value of an apartment updated every semester for all the municipalities of Italy. Real estate market observatory The prices shown are per square meter. In this other article, I wrote about the trend of 2018 sales prices in Italy The calculation of the total square meters of your apartment you will have to do it yourself and it is intended as commercial square meters or those including the external walls. If you have any doubts you can have the surfaces calculated by an Online Surveyor for € 16.00 Online Commercial Area Calculation.   Curiosity:


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