What is the Office Service Agreement?

Office Service Agreement

The Service Contract for Offices is the agreement to rent a workspace to professionals or companies, taking advantage of a series of ancillary and functional services to the rented area for a specific fee.

The contract that is used in these cases is that of supplying spaces and services. The main and obligatory elements of the contract are, in fact, the offer of a furnished space for office use and the supply of services functional to the activity. If there is no offer of services, a lease agreement must be stipulated for the sole use of the space.

This type of contract does not apply the rules of leases and this makes it a very flexible tool that allows you to avoid the costs of a lease.

When using the service agreement

The service contract is used as often as free professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups need to have an organized space where to work and where to get customers, colleagues or suppliers. They not only need to have a physical space but also to take advantage of a series of functional services for their work activities, such as secretarial services, meeting rooms, reception service, accounting service, etc.

Unlike the lease with which an office or a portion of it is simply granted for use without providing any service, in the Service Contract between professionals, the services offered have a certain prevalence and must not be just simple ancillary services, such as concierge services, furnishings, etc.

It is a contract suitable for those who want to have an office organized and furnished with the services already included in the price, without any additional charge and being able to cancel if you decide to close the business or go elsewhere.

It is therefore a contract that has the following characteristics:

  • space and services functional to it are made available;
  • tenancy rules do not apply;
  • the fee and duration are established by the parties;
  • it does not have to be registered (like the lease);
  • VAT is applied as it is a business activity.

What’s in the Professional Service Agreement Template

Our Service Agreement meets all legal requirements. The main clauses included concerns:

  • Description of the space: with the identification of the place, premises, any office station, furnishings, etc.
  • Description of the services offered: which can be listed in the contract or in an attached document
  • Fee: includes both the use of the space and the services. The prices can be listed in the contract in an attachment.
  • Additional services: for ancillary services not included in the fee for the space
  • Duration: freely chosen by the parties. It can be just a few hours, or monthly, yearly, renewable on expiry, etc.
  • Withdrawal: to allow the customer to terminate the contract before it expires
  • How to access the space: if, for example, access is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if the customer is provided with keys or a badge or if there is a staff in charge or a reception service
  • Customer’s obligations: mainly consist in complying with the rules of good behavior inside the premises and in not carrying out illegal activities through the use of space and services
  • Limitation of liability of the owner: he is not responsible for the activity carried out by the customer on his premises and is not liable for theft or damage relating to customers’ property
  • Deposit: the owner of the property may request the deposit of a sum, to cover any damage caused by the customer and, in general, to guarantee the correct fulfillment of contractual obligations
  • Privacy rules: it is specified that the processing of personal data has the sole purpose of executing the obligations deriving from the contract, the methods of treatment, the prohibition of transferring data to third parties

At the end of the interview, we will guide you step by step through all the subsequent formalities necessary for your contract for the use of spaces and services to be duly stipulated.

Information you need

All parts data are required to complete the document.

The document can be modified in all its parts without time limits. Don’t worry so if you don’t have all the information available during the interview, you can always enter it later.

Other names

  • Service contract and professional studio rental contract
  • Global service contract
  • Contract for the supply of spaces and services
  • Cowering or office sharing contract
  • Temporary shop contract with services
  • Contract for event and exhibition locations

Other useful templates and facsimiles

  • Commercial lease contract for use other than residential use
  • Transitional commercial lease
  • Contract for the supply of continuous services: if you want to regulate only the supply of services
  • Equipment rental contract: to rent equipment, machinery and any ancillary services


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